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Higher Education Document Solutions

It is quite incredible to consider just how much paper schools use when it comes to documents and files. A typical school is handling thousands upon thousands of documents every year to maintain transcripts and records, HR forms, education standards, curriculum, and compliance documentation. It’s even more incredible to think about how much time and energy it takes to physically store and manage these paper documents–with many getting lost or destroyed in the shuffle. It can create a significant burden for staff responsible for filing, storing and retrieving these day in and day out.

Education Document Management

MITEC can help ease this strain with our education document management solutions. Our solutions automate and streamline these processes, making them easier to manage and access. Doing this can help to lower operational costs and allows employees to focus their attention on the students and bigger issues at hand.

Mitec Solutions Document Management Services Assist With:

  • Improving customer service across every department
  • Helping to improve accuracy and speed during student applications, administration responses and enrollment approvals
  • Allowing critical people to access as well as manage student and business documents at anytime from anywhere
  • Providing secure, centralized access to all teacher and student records, including all existent reports and documents within other applications, for any location at any time
  • Automating and tracking grant writing, which improves the ability to meet deadlines and get proper funding
  • Reducing costs related to paper, paper storage, photocopying, as well as faxing
  • Improving the ability to manage your contracts, as well as budget revisions with in-depth version control and records management automation
  • Recruiting and retaining quality employees through the streamlining of HR processes
  • Improving information security/document integrity; enhancing regulatory compliance

We Can Help

Let MITEC’s team of experts show you how to save your school time and money through digitizing your files, documents and records.