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Government Digital Storage Solutions

State and local governments are legally required to keep their documents and files for a minimum amount of time. This means that they must maintain vast quantities of paper documentation for years, and must physically rifle through these documents in order to access pertinent information and files. It can be extremely costly; both from a financial perspective and from a time perspective. Having to go through this can mean lost files, hindered response times, and an ever-growing need for storage space. This is where MITEC  Solution’s government document management services come into play; we can help you digitize your files and documents, then securely store them for easy, quick access anytime.

The Benefits of Digitizing

Digital information is efficient, convenient, easily accessible and extremely secure; allowing for instantaneous information access and distribution. MITEC’s document management solutions for the government give agencies the ability to easily access the information contained in these files, which makes for smoother public service and a quicker turnaround. We can help your office become more organized, with increased efficiency and compliance, by implementing our government record storage and digitization services. Digital backups of government documents are imperative to protecting against loss and damage to the information.


It’s incredibly costly and inconvenient to store paper information. Converting files and documents from paper to digital format reduces the need for huge file cabinets and storage areas, allowing you to use that space differently or get rid of it altogether. Additionally, digital records can ensure that your office is totally compliant with long-term government storage and retrieval regulations. When digital documents are properly indexed, they have the ability to be searched and accessed within seconds, as opposed to having to manually search cabinets and drawers filled with documents.



MITEC’s document scanning and indexing solutions for government document management allow you to search through documents easily, using whatever criteria you wish. This includes names, dates, case numbers, and/or document type, making it as simple as possible to find what you’re looking for. We are also able to convert records into PDF files, which makes the entire document searchable.

Mitec Makes It Easy

We provide government document management solutions that give agencies of all varieties the ability to assemble all paper and electronic documentation in one concentrated place. No matter if it’s stored in-house on a server or off-site, this digitization and record storage system allows government agencies to easily access all pertinent data from the internal system they’re employing.