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Digital Transformation

MITEC Seamless Digital Transformation

At MITEC, we offer a unique approach for digital transformation, data conversion, and document digitization allowing Detroit businesses the ability to link all their documents, data, and processes across platforms. Our solution for companies is a scalable platform which is low-code and completely integrated into existing systems. MITEC offers digital transformation that is custom-tailored to your business’ specific needs.

A Feature-rich Platform

Unlike other companies in the industry, MITEC offers a document digitization platform for Detroit businesses which features flexible and scalable technology, featuring custom automation and process-oriented applications. Our platform offers flexible interfaces and powerful functionality, so that you can easily integrate it into your current system. By having heightened control and transparency, MITEC’s solution keeps you on top of business rules and regulations.


The MITEC platform for digital transformation combines strong BPM and fast DPA, so that Detroit businesses can easily perform data conversion and document digitization. Our platform has several key benefits including intuitive document recognition, audit-proof archiving, and much more.


MITEC also offers premier content management, allowing you to easily access all your pertinent documents after data conversion. No matter where you are located, you will be able to access your documents through our low-code process and flexible document management.


By transitioning into digital processes, your company will be able to manage larger quantities of data. MITEC will continuously collect data through our document digitization and build fully integrated processes.

Collaboration is Key

Often times, companies become overwhelmed using a variety of applications and tools to manage data and processes. This can cause a headache for administrators when each individual system does not communicate with the others. MITEC’s digitization platform integrates your current tools, while increasing their efficiency, so that your business always stays ahead of the curve.

We Can Help

When your Detroit business needs help with digital transformation, data conversion, and document digitization, turn to MITEC. We will create a custom solution, so that your business thrives.