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Document Scanning

MITEC Solutions Document Scanning Services

Protecting your business and its assets is imperative to your success, and having your documents scanned by professionals is a great step in ensuring this. No matter if you need to digitize documents for accounts receivable, HR, or just for general business documents, MITEC Solutions has offices in Westland and Austin that can get your document scanning done quickly and professionally.

Digitize Your Files

Hiring an experienced photo and document scanning company to convert your paper documents into digital files ensures that you and your employees will have quick, secure access to your entire library of files. Additionally, it increases overall productivity; allowing staff to focus their time and energy into more productive work. The amount of time spent filing and then sifting through paper files is significant, so streamlining that into a small task of putting in a digital search just makes sense. If you live in the areas around Westland, MI or Austin, TX and need document scanning services give MITEC a call today.

Benefits of Document Scanning Services

  • Improve your workflow through the ability to search and share documents quickly with database searches.
  • Increase cost-efficiency with digital documents stored on an on-site server or in the cloud, instead of spending money on costly physical on-site storage.
  • Increase the security of your information with digital documents stored in secure databases with custom access controls.

Document Scanning Services

MITEC Solutions provides scanning services across many arenas including photos, maps and documents, but specializes in the following areas:

Medical Records

Improve workflow and operate seamlessly with electronic medical records (EMR) alongside digitized billing and accounts receivable.

Legal Documents

Large volumes of paper documents and files take up a lot of space, which, in turn, costs more money and eats at your budget. Scanning and storing them on a server or in the cloud negates those costs and allows for access anywhere you have the internet available.

Dental Records

Scan your patient x-rays and records, streamlining patient care and improving overall workflow within your dental office. MITEC’s SSAE-16 compliant services ensures that all of your patient’s information is kept secure.

Blueprints & Maps

Physically storing large documents such as drawings, maps and blueprints can be a pain and takes up significant space. Scanning large format documents increases sharing and access capabilities for your entire team while simultaneously reducing the degradation that occurs with repeated use of the physical document.


If you’re ready to digitize, MITEC is ready to help. Our expert teams of Westland and Austin document and photo scanning professionals are quick, efficient, and accurate; ensuring that your documents remain secure.