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Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable Solutions from Mitec

Throughout business ownership, everyone has had some complaints regarding paper-based accounts payable. It’s often considered unnecessarily tedious and costly, complete with errors and undue stress. With Mitec’s accounts payable software solutions, these annoyances will become a thing of the past. Using our accounts payable and receivable solutions, you’ll witness a dramatic decrease in the cost of both labor and processing time, along with increased communication and efficiency.


No matter what your chosen invoice processing method is–be it via mail, e-mail, fax, or pigeon carrier–accounts payable and receivable using enterprise content management (ECM). This simplifies the process by taking your records and invoices then converting them into well-organized, easy-to-read electronic forms. Not only does this reduce your paper use and the potential for a myriad of errors, it also allows for simplified navigation and access for your team members.


Oftentimes, CFOs consider visibility and accessibility of AP-related documents to be one of the biggest challenges they face. With our AP automation solutions, you will finally be able to say bye-bye to the vast amounts of time being spent on invoice processing through making documentation readily-available to all pertinent parties in real-time. Deployable either on or off site or via the Cloud, it’s never been simpler to identify, review, and approve accounts payable documents.


Implementing Mitec’s AP automation solutions, you’ll be able to notably reduce your costs of labor while dramatically decreasing your invoice processing period. Aside from the obvious impact on costs, many companies report yearly savings of almost $4,000 simply on storage and postage. Just these savings alone make it justifiable to switch over to an ECM system for invoice processing.


Regardless of your specific needs, all aspects of our accounts payable software system are customizable and meant to meet the major demands of any organization. If you want to cut out some frustrations and clutter involved in paper-based systems, look no further. Contact Mitec today to get started with our AP automation software.