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Human Resources

Human Resources Solutions from Mitec

These days, HR is key in the success of any business; with many placing an emphasis on procuring quality talent and maintaining those relationships. In order for HR to find success in this regard, they must be supplied with top-of-the-line tools that give them an upper hand over their competitors. This success can be found in automation that fosters innovation and encourages outside-the-box thinking.

Giving HR the ability to manage an employee lifecycle in a streamlined process, compliance and service is drastically improved simply through the deployment of HR document management and automation services. Tailored to your business using efficient onboarding processes and self-service options, Mitec Solutions’ HR automation and software makes it so that your new employees gain value even faster.

A Successful HR Department Makes For a Successful Business


Mitec’s electronic content management (ECM) solutions for HR guarantees that sensitive records are securely stored, yet are still readily-available when and where they’re needed. This eradicates the need for paper forms, which decreases your physical load, as well as the risk of lost documents, misfiles and a variety of security issues that can come with them. Via the use of our HR cloud record storage, companies can minimize their need for IT resources, as well as shorten implementation timelines while increasing overall security.


Mitec Human Resource automation services include recruitment, job application processing, file management, on-boarding/off-boarding processing, payroll, case management, policies and procedures, and much more. The automation of forms removes a vast amount of paperwork, as well as many business costs and the potential for human error. Additionally, through our HR document management services, vacation requests, employee reviews, and HR communications are all streamlined into a single place and are fully able to be audited.


The impacts of a Human Resource digital transformation is immediately seen and felt within your business. Mitec is here to help you lower business costs, increase staff talent, build your own digital culture, and enhance overall business security with our HR document management services.