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Mobile Forms

MITEC Mobile Forms

MITEC Mobile Forms supplies a graphical user interface (GUI) that displays and composes web-based workflow applications. You’ll have the ability to design and edit singular workflows using the Designer’s graphical flowchart, allowing you to model your own practices without the need for previous knowledge of programming.

Benefits of Mobile Forms

MITEC mobile forms provide extensive functionality and integration throught our GUI interface, which gives you cost-effective delivery of management solutions. Our Designer makes it easy for you to graphically map-out your processes layout through the placement of symbols and the addition of business rules. With the GUI workflow application, job functions and users are associated to process steps with a simple point-and-click and even complex electronic forms are created graphically without the need for programming. Additionally, designing process applications no longer requires expert programmers; it’s simple enough that almost any user with a bit of experience can learn the processes quickly.