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Healthcare Solutions

Healthcare Document Management Solutions

MITEC is a EMR/EHR system expert with offices in Westland, MI and Austin, TX that provides solutions to both public and private healthcare providers. With a primary focus on patient medical record data, we’re available to help immediately with services including capture, storage, management and retrieval of critical records. This can whittle the amount of days spent on accounts receivable while also automating workflows, eliminating paper forms, as well as enhancing process payments.

Our medical record data and billing software solutions integrate smoothly with existing EMR and billing applications, resulting in lower operating costs and improved efficiencies. This simultaneously allows staff to focus on providing healthcare, not spending their time dealing with difficult data and records.

Save Money and Time

Healthcare providers have invested significantly in patient records management systems that are able to aggregate and synthesize patient diagnostic and treatment records, including test results, images and doctor notes. With complete integration, MITEC’s EMR/EHR systems for medical record data  make it simple to gather and seamlessly attach to patient files non-clinical records, such as insurance, billing and other administrative records, while ensuring privacy and compliance. Our various modules can be used separately or in conjunction with one another to create a seamless process that matches your needs and budget.

Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Code

RCM Coding improves continuity of can while reducing the overall billing cycle. This solution allows your coders to access your content much faster, manages coding functions, and auto-distributes work based on skill-set and availability. Additionally, our RCM medical billing software has Revenue Cycle Analytics can mine your data in order to optimize both patient and financial decisions through identifying trends that financially impact your entire business.

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Solutions

Document ManagementAnother one of the helpful feature of our medical record data EMR/EHR system is our intuitive content and document management software. The misconception that ECM is only good for scanning, storing and retrieving documents is completely off-base. ECM is 100% about data and making it easily accessible and useable. MITEC’s ECM solutions are enterprise-wide, featuring transactional content and workflow tools to utilize with electronic health records. We can capture photos from applications, scanned documents, radiology images, electronic forms, etc. in order to create a complete patient profile. Access records from any practice management system, providing healthcare professionals with the flexibility of working within a single interface and receiving back the critical information instantaneously.

Lockbox Solutions

The administrative costs that come with reconciling complex medical claims and EOBs make up about forty percent of healthcare costs. Healthcare Lockbox is able to significantly reduce that percentage through automatically processing and reconciling elaborate healthcare payments.

MITEC’s RCM Lockbox provides a new, innovative method for automatically processing and reconciling your payments, while also allowing you to take control over your cash flow. We remove the pain from getting paid. A Lockbox RCM billing system is important because waiting an extended period of time to get paid can do financial damage to even the healthiest company.

Healthcare Capture

Obviously, scanning and data extraction are a part of our offerings. This includes point-of-care as well as backfile conversions. Point-of-care capture can be performed any time and any place–during registration, at the bedside, or prior to a procedure. The documents are then securely stored in a single location, to be accessed instantly. Backfile conversions provides the ability to convert historical paper charts into an electronic file easily and quickly.

Release of Information (ROI)

ROI can be quite time-consuming and costly, as well as very sensitive. MITEC’s ROI solution is extremely cost effective and simple to use. We have managed to scale a complex process down into a straightforward, money-saving moment.

MITEC’s Healthcare Solutions eliminates the need for paper documents and provides centralized digital archives for a variety of different types of content, while integrating with existing EMR systems and Clinical Portals. Our management technology and all processes are completely HIPAA-compliant, and data is captured and stored in a secure, cloud-based application. Our medical EMR/EHR system makes all records safe and secure from any unauthorized access.