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Digital Mailroom


Now you can process orders, invoices, deposits and respond to business processes, customers, and knowledge workers at the speed of now; anytime, anywhere!

We have learned much in 2020 on how to manage critical business processes during a global pandemic. The pandemic has accelerated the need for all business to rethink how business gets done and in every instance digital transformation is playing a critical roll. MITEC Solutions has been deploying digital mailroom solutions for organizations of all size and all industries across North America.

What is a digital mailroom?

Imagine a world where your workforce is remote and together they form an accounts payable department or a membership enrollment department.   For years they were in an office where all correspondence arrived at a central location for routing and processing with the appropriate employee.   Now imagine that correspondence arriving and the workforce is logged in at home.    Digital mailrooms deliver the “mail” (paper, fax, email, and more) to them faster than ever before.  

A digital mailroom is a service(people, process, and technology) that we provide that safely captures all inbound information arriving at your organization and quickly digitally transforms the fax, mail, or emails into your business processes.  This is often referred to as digital transformation and business process automation and we have been in this business since the day our founders opened our doors.

And MITEC Solutions goes above and beyond our competition in that we also create automation that responds to the inbound mail by effectively and efficiently printing, mailing, or emailing the patient, customer, vendor, member or employee.  We do this through technologies known as workflow automation and robotic process automation.   We would go so far as to say a digital mailroom is an mission critical building block to any successful digital transformation strategy

Why are Digital Mailrooms Important during Covid and the post Covid economy?  

Digital mailrooms allow your business to operate without interruption when your workforce is remote and typically reduces costs associated with a non-digital mailroom by 40+ percent while increasing response and reaction times.   

All digital mailrooms architected by MITEC Solutions are constructed to meet the most demanding customer environments and the most stringent compliance requirements such as HIPAA, Sarbanes Oxley, Graham Leach Bliley, and SOC II.

Some of the most popular Digital Mailrooms

  • Accounts Payable
  • Human Resources
  • Membership enrollment
  • Customer correspondence
  • Claims processing
  • Healthcare revenue cycle management
  • Lockbox and payment processing

Out-Innovate, Out-Compete, Out-Serve with outstanding solutions from MITEC Solutions.

Pandemic Digital Mailroom Scanning Service

We gather your mail where ever it comes from or arrives every day and rapidly and accurately speed the mail digitally to your knowledge workers and remote workforce where ever they are located.   Re-Invent your business for the future while solving the problem today.