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Release of Information

MITEC Release of Information Solutions

There’s a better way to safely and securely disperse Protected Health Information (PHI), and MITEC has the solution with our healthcare document managment software. In the healthcare industry, it’s imperative that PHI is delivered securely and correctly to its intended recipient–be it to the patient, a provider, and insurance company or another legally authorized party. Unfortunately, this is the most common time for potential HIPAA violations due to the fact that it is commonly transmitted via fax or mail.

How to Negate Violations

ROI fulfillment can be extremely time consuming and inefficient without the proper technology in place. With MITEC, being connected to the Internet is the only thing you need to use our web-based medical ROI solution for PHI. This will free up your staff to focus on bigger, better tasks in no time at all. Additionally, you’ll see improved patient privacy, better HIPAA compliance, and decreased turnaround times. Our healthcare document management ROI solution also provides stricter processing controls for PHI and lets you regain ROI-related revenue that was previously being lost to third-party companies.

MITEC’s ROI Solution

Our ROI solution gives you the freedom and flexibility to decide you outsource your redaction labor or keep it in-house, does not limit the number of users, tracks the chain of custody, and automatically generates invoices. Additionally, there’s a proven history of security and saves you money on printing, packaging, faxing and postage costs.

Verified Transfers

Securely transferring PHI requires its providers to use the most up-to-date tools on the market. MITEC’s healthcare document management solution verifies that the Requester has paid (when applicable), received, and opened/viewed the ROI documents. This is able to occur because every Requestor is given an account number and a PIN prior to any access being granted. Our ROI solution also requires due payments prior to Protected Health Information documents being viewed.

We Can Help

MITEC’s team of experts will show you just how easy it is to safely and securely disperse your PHI with our web-based healthcare document management solutions for ROI.