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Scan to WEB

MITEC Scan-To-Web Solutions

With MITEC’s scan-to-web services, you have the ability to maintain hard copies of all of your important documents securely off-site, then request digital copies of every document as you need it. This negates the need to scan all of your documents in one sitting while also benefiting from a safe, secure location for your archives + quick digital retrieval. Our scan to web services allow you to request digital copies of any documents you may need, anytime you need it.

How It Works

Increase cost-effectiveness with your archived documents and data by choosing a scan to web service. When you let us know your need a digital copy of a document, we prepare it for scanning by removing any extra items, such as paper clips or staples. Then each document is individually scanned, including any sticky notes or additional notes. After they’re scanned, your data and documents are archived online and the digital record is added your virtual library, with original records being returned to their proper storage boxes.

The Benefits of Our Solutions

On Demand – Enjoy prompt access to digital copies of the documents you require, whenever you may need them – without needing to pay for excess documents you may never need to digitally access.  

Precise Accuracy – Our advanced tracking system ensures that all of your files are easily located quickly, no matter where they are located within our building.

Quick Access – Access your digital versions quickly with our express services; guaranteeing a turnaround time of two hours.

Security – Have the peace of mind of knowing all of your documents are stored in a high security warehouse by an accredited company, regardless of it you need digitized or hard copies of your documents.

Save Money – Digitally accessing only the documents that you need will save you money on scanning services, as well as free-up necessary office space.

We Can Help

MITEC’s scan-to-web services provide you with quick access to your securely stored documents whenever and wherever you need them.